The Week of November 30 - December 7, 1999 (Visit our Archives)
Photo by Scott Longfield
A rainbow above the beach near Seven Presidents Park in Long Branch last Sunday after Hurricane Irene left the two river area.

This Week's Top Stories

Irene A Bad Dream For Two River Area
Hurricane Irene came and went on Sunday, but as of Wednesday Middletown Township was still "weathering the storm" according to Mayor Anthony Fiore.
Irene Floods Basements, Fells Trees And Fires Up Tempers
"Overall, compared with stories from other counties, I thought we did relatively well," Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden said on Wednesday as the county continued its recovery from Hurricane Irene.
A Happy Ending For A Lucky Bird
SEA BRIGHT Dr. Ernest Richards was home sick from his job as corporate director of clinical research for Meridian Health System last Tuesday when he felt his townhouse shaking from side to side.
Irene Was A Piece of Cake For The Broadway Diner
Stores in Atlantic Highlands slammed by power outage
Beach Bars and Restaurants Took A Beating
It's never a good time for a hurricane, of course. But for shore area bars and restaurants, losing an August weekend, and facing the possibility of not being able to open for the Labor Day weekend is a big hit to take.
Retired Teacher Recalls Life In Libya Before, After Gadhafi
MONMOUTH BEACH –It was Sept. 1, 1969, and the first day of the new school year at the Oil Companies School in Giorgimpopuli, Libya, a suburb of Tripoli, where J.E. Boehles. a second grade teacher, was headed in her car.
"We Lost A Lot of Beach"
The extent of sand loss on the area's beaches from Hurricane Irene is still being assessed but area officials believe the final numbers could be significant.
RB Borough Agrees: FIXX Can Play Music Until 1:30 A.M.
RED BANK β€” The owner of a West Front Street nightclub says those last 15 minutes of music playing in his club at the end of the night are crucial to his business β€” so much so that he challenged the borough police department and the governing body over a recommendation that he stop the music earlier.
RB To File Grant Application For West Side Spray Park
RED BANK β€” Should county grant funds become available, west side residents could have a new park.