The Week of November 30 - December 7, 1999 (Visit our Archives)
Photo by Scott Longfield
Ferrari Show on Broad Street, Sunday, August 9th.

This Week's Top Stories

Kean To Meet With DOT On Highlands Bridge Traffic
SEA BRIGHT - Senator Sean Kean (R-11) was in Sea Bright on Wednesday morning and called on the New Jersey Department of Transportation to improve the traffic patterns and congestion surrounding the construction of the Highlands Bridge.
Growing Up Cult - Author Jayanti Tamm sheds light on another 1960s phenomena
PSYCHOLOGISTS SOMETIMES USE the phrase, 'The elephant in the living room' to describe an obvious but unacknowledged reality within a family.
Life Imitates Art As Real-Life Accident Follows Staged Scene In RB
RED BANK - It was life imitating art on Tuesday, August 4 at the Broad Street and East Bergen Place intersection.
NPS Terminates Lease Agreement With Sandy Hook Partners
SANDY HOOK - After nine years of discussions, lawsuits and extensions, the National Park Service (NPS) announced this week that it is pulling the plug on its controversial plan to lease to a private developer nearly three dozen aging structures at the historic former U.S. Army fort located in Gateway National Recreation Area.
In FH, Debate Continues Over Riverfront Park Proposal
FAIR HAVEN - Few things proceed with ease in the Borough of Fair Haven and the proposed riverfront park on DeNormandie Avenue is no exception.
Poll: NJ Corruption Bi-Partisan
THE ARRESTS OF dozens of public officials last month has once again put the national spotlight on New Jersey's reputation for political corruption.
SB Amends Noise Ordinance To Include Music From Vehicles
SEA BRIGHT - During the summer months the Sea Bright Borough Council has followed a limited meeting schedule.
No Extra State Aid For Red Bank This Year
RED BANK - Last year the borough was one of the very few municipalities in the state to receive extraordinary aid from cash-strapped Trenton.
Community Y Presents Plan For Expansion To Red Bank Zoners
RED BANK - The Community YMCA is proposing to construct an addition to its Maple Avenue complex, almost doubling its size and parking capacity.
RB PBA Warns Of Misleading Telemarketing Campaigns
RED BANK - Representatives for the state's largest police union are again raising concerns over fundraising practices by other organizations that they believe are confusing the public about who is actually receiving the money.