The Week of November 30 - December 7, 1999 (Visit our Archives)
Photo by Scott Longfield
Runners of all ages came out last Sunday to paticipate in the 8th annual Keith McHeffey Run in Sea Bright.

This Week's Top Stories

Photographer Wendy Shattil's Life In The Wild
MIDDLETOWN - In nearly three decades as a professional photographer, Wendy Shattil has been very close to nature.
Torcello Restaurant, Red Bank
"When we had (The Grand) Ticino, customers became friends and then like family.
Pallone Urges NPS To Seek Stimulus Funds For Fort Hancock
SANDY HOOK - U.S. Representative Frank Pallone Jr. said his recent attempt to obtain federal stimulus money for restoration of some of the aging structures at historic Fort Hancock could be thwarted by the commercial lease agreement between the National Park Service and Sandy Hook Developers that the Congressman has long criticized.
"Drive-In" Trash Pickup Costs Extra In Rumson
RUMSON - For residents whose homes are set far back from the street, trash collection in the borough comes at an additional cost, requiring a financial commitment that some are reluctant to embrace, according to the mayor.
DEP Holds Hearing On Revocation Of Recycling Facility License
TINTON FALLS - The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) held a public comment session here on Tuesday, March 10 regarding the possible revocation of operating permits for DEP a local solid-waste transfer station and recycling facility.
Discounted Beach Passes A Winner For SB
SEA BRIGHT - Earlier this year Sea Bright Councilwoman Dina Long proposed a "Beach Stimulus" plan that would offer season beach passes to the public at a discounted rate if purchased before March 2.
Middletown Adopts Videorecording Ordinance
MIDDLETOWN - If you plan to bring a video camera to a Middletown Township Committee meeting, be prepared to sit in the back of the room.
Middletown To Post Proposed Resolutions, Ordinances On Their Website
MIDDLETOWN - Residents of Middletown Township will now be able to review the same resolutions and introduced ordinances that their Township Committee receives prior to voting on their adoption.
Ashes Pays Back Taxes, Redeems Liquor License
RED BANK - Ashes Cigar Club is once again in possession of its liquor license.
RB Police Investigate Armed Robbery Of Jewelry Store
RED BANK - Police are investigating an armed robbery occurring at a Shrewsbury Avenue jewelry store on Monday afternoon.
No Increase In RB School Budget, Officials Announce
RED BANK - Borough residents will not see an increase in their local school tax rate this year thanks to an increase in state aid and an effort by school officials to keep the budget as lean as possible during trying economic times without impacting the district's programs.
FH Business Association Launches FH Stimulus Check Program
FAIR HAVEN - The Fair Haven Business Association is preparing to launch an "in Fair Haven" stimulus program designed to encourage Fair Haven residents to spend their money locally.
Realtors Appeal For OK To Post "Open House" Signs In Two River Towns
Realtors, chafing under the decline in house sales in a down market, have found a sympathetic ear in Little Silver.
State Aid Increase To Fund Expanded Pre-K Program In RB
RED BANK - More borough families next year will be able to take advantage of the borough school's pre-kindergarten program, according to the superintendent of schools.
Atlantic Highlands To Highlands Portion Of Bayshore Trail Is Nearing Completion
ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS -The Borough of Atlantic Highlands hopes to have the Bayshore Trail completed by the first week of April. The trail has been in development since 1998.
Sea Bright Identifies Possible Uses For Stimulus Money
SEA BRIGHT - Councilmen James LoBiondo and C. Read Murphy along with Borough Engineer David Hoder toured the borough recently and identified several projects that they hope will qualify to receive federal stimulus money to make improvements.
Middletown Committee Suspends Its Salaries For 2009
MIDDLETOWN - After several weeks of deliberation, the Middletown Township Committee elected to suspend its collective salary for the remainder of 2009.