The Week of November 30 - December 7, 1999 (Visit our Archives)
Photo by Scott Longfield
Two River Towns were digging out on Tuesday after a late winter storm dropped 10 inches of snow in the area on Monday.

This Week's Top Stories

Happy Birthday, Broadway Diner!
RED BANK - This year will mark the 50th year that the train car-style diner building has been sitting at its Monmouth Street location.
Historian George Moss Passes Into History
THE PHONE RANG at 8:15 a.m. on February 25, and I found out that George Moss had died at 4 a.m. George H. Moss Jr., the historian for Rumson and Monmouth County, had passed into history, and I smiled because to George, history always lived and breathed, sometimes more than present day life.
Her Way Of Being In The World An Evening With Maya Angelou
They stood in line outside the Brookdale Community College gymnasium on a freezing February evening, waiting for the doors to open so they could claim a seat on the folding chairs that lined the gym floor or on the wooden bleachers that encircled the room where Dr. Maya Angelou was about to speak.
Realtors Lobby Against Limits On Mortgage Deductions
THE NEW JERSEY Association of Realtors (NJAR) in conjunction with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has come out in opposition to a provision in President Barack Obama's budget proposal that would limit the amount that high income taxpayers, those families earning $250,000 and above, and singles making $200,000 and above, could deduct from their taxes.
NOAA Frees Trapped Humpback Whale Animal caught in fishing net off Sandy Hook
SANDY HOOK - Last Friday, members of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) successfully freed an approximately 35-foot Humpback Whale that had become entangled in a large amount of fishing gear off the coast of Sandy Hook.
RB Hires Special Counsel To Negotiate Over Kidsbridge
RED BANK - The borough council last week opted to bring in another attorney to handle negotiations between the borough and the Community YMCA over the fate of the former Kidsbridge building on Monmouth Street.
Sea Bright Mulling Over Sharing Court Services With Oceanport
SEA BRIGHT - After receiving a letter from Superior Court Judge Lawrence M. Lawson in October 2008 informing the Borough that it needed to resolve its municipal court operations or be subject to a seizure of all court revenues, which were in excess of $200,000 for 2008.
Little Silver Walgreens Wants OK To Be Open 24 Hours A Day
LITTLE SILVER - The Walgreen's drug store in the business district is feeling the borough out about the idea of going to a 24-hour operation.
Car Driven By Former Mayor Strikes Pedestrian On East Front Street
RED BANK - A car driven by former Mayor Edward J. McKenna, Jr. struck a pedestrian crossing Front St. near Riverview Hospital last Monday night.
RB Police Captain Completes FBI Academy
RED BANK - It was back to school late last year for borough police veteran Captain Stephen McCarthy.
County Presents Historic Grants
FREEHOLD - The Monmouth County Historical Commission awarded preservation grants recently for 25 restoration projects in 18 municipalities. The awards totaled $42,500.