The Week of November 30 - December 7, 1999 (Visit our Archives)
Photo by Scott Longfield
Firefighters review the damage after extinguishing a fire in a large trailer truck that was started by a downed power wire.

This Week's Top Stories

For The Perez Family, Charity Begins At Home
THE SAYING IS that "Charity begins at Home," but most people are referring to their own immediate family. Victoria Tobon Perez of Tinton Falls takes the meaning of "home" a bit farther.
Township Posts Plan For Port Of Belford
Middletown - The Township of Middletown recently posted its Economic Feasibility Study and Conceptual Development Plan for the Port of Belford on its Township Web site.
Downed Wire A Disaster For Red Bank Man - Blaze destroys fully loaded moving van
WHAT INITIALLY APPEARED to be a minor accident escalated into a major disaster for a Red Bank man last Sunday when a fallen power line ignited a fire that destroyed the 53 foot trailer truck with which he makes his living.
Three Partners In Old Union House Project Indicted Condo developers accused of misappropriating funds
RED BANK - Three of the principals involved in a plan to develop the site of the what had been a centuries' old inn and restaurant here in the borough are now facing a series of charges alleging they misappropriated millions of borrowed dollars intended for that project.
Tales From The Unemployment Line
NEPTUNE - At the Monmouth County One-Stop Career Center, 60 Taylor Avenue, business is brisk.
Middletown Dems Urge Transparency In Government
MIDDLETOWN - Democratic Committeemen Patrick Short and Sean Byrnes have been pressing their fellow committee members to join them in creating a more transparent government in Middletown.
Contrary To County Statement, Sea Bright Never Agreed To Bridge Option, Mayor Says
SEA BRIGHT - The Borough of Sea Bright held their fifth and final Smart Growth meeting of 2008 on Thursday to discuss the progress of the new lifeguard station and beach project as well as the initial plans to renovate the Borough Hall to conform to mandates set forth by Superior Court Judge Lawrence M. Lawson.